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A superb wheel and contents for anyone seeking to go "off the grid," or for a historical organization or museum seeking a true replica, or for any individual with a passion for hydro-power.  Old mills have all but disppeared from our landscapes; here is an opportunity. 

     Mills were a passion of my father; he passed away before being able to realize his dream of an operating mill which would generate self-suficient, postive net metering electricity on our family farm.     The wheel (24' diameter x 60" face) and related equipment as listed are, currently, being offered for sale in its entirety.  Although the mill has been replicated per the original, it has never been re-erected; currently, it remains disassembled and in storage.  I believe that the replicated wheel, the excellent condition of its parts as well as its related history of those involved being offered for sale is an extremely rare find. "A Brief History" describes the origins of this wheel and its replication process and on additional pages is a detailed listing of gearing and parts.  This is a tremendous overshot waterwheel that was rebuilt to produce hydro-power.  A wheel of this size can make you self-sufficient and quite possibly generate extra power to create a positive net metering outcome,as such, it could create a postive cash flow.  Anyone who has an interest in generating self-sufficient power on or off the grid, or who may be restoring a mill to grind grain or who may need a wheel as a historical attraction should consider the potential of what is being offered.

     My father educated himself in hydro-power to the point of being a self-taught hydro-engineer, schooling himself about overshots and turbines; he understood the potential hydro-power and saw how a "simple" wheel powered by falling water could provide self-reliant power and blend harmoniously with the environment.

     Please feel free to contact me with any related inquires or comments or to pursue discussions regarding the sale.  I will gladly meet with you so that you may  inspect the wheel and related parts first hand, but please contact me ahead of time so that we can schedule a time.

Fabricated Wheel, Bull Gear


New Bronze Sleeve Bearings
Recast Bearings and Housings
Click on an image to see a larger view.


Hub and Axle Assembly


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Oakland, MD 21550
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